Olympia Capital Management’s expertise in manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management is offered to institutional investors who have specific needs and constraints to create dedicated portfolios. Indeed, Olympia Capital Management has a long-standing experience in the creating and managing dedicated and customized portfolios : the first dedicated portfolio managed for a South African private bank in white labeling has been launched in 2003 and the Group currently manages several different dedicated portfolios (for institutional investors). Olympia Capital Management manages funds in different jurisdictions and structures, with various counterparties.

Our edge is our experienced Investment Team. Our analysts are close to fund managers and have a permanent and direct contact with them. Our analysts have developed strong relationships in the industry, which enables us to identify niche and / or emerging managers very early in their process of launching new funds.

Being a human-sized company, Olympia Capital Management has the flexibility and reactivity to fulfill your needs in terms of fund selection, portfolio and risk management, reporting and our Investment Team as well as Marketing teams will be available to answer to any request :

  • Define the investment objectives and constraints of the mandate or dedicated fund to fit his needs (in terms of risk/return objectives, correlation to indices, benchmark, leverage, allocation guidelines etc. ) in order to manage the exposure of a global allocation including several mandates.
  • Be compliant with the regulatory constraints;
  • Not be affected by the in/outflows of other investors;
  • Occasionally attend to the Investment Committee;
  • Occasionally visit the Managers with Olympia Capital Management’s Investment Team members;
  • Get a privileged and direct contact with the teams (investment management, Head of Quantitative Risk, Investor relations, Marketing).
  • Get customized and detailed reporting.

Our other activities

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